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Hello, Paula Gaon here, Libra Sun, Cancer Rising, Aquarius Moon. Nice to meet you. I'm one of many aging BabyBoomers scratching my head and wondering where the time went and why I still feel so confused. That planned career never came to fruition, and earning a living is just a necessary chore. A few years ago, after that proverbial mid-life crisis-which I prefer to think of as an extended adolescence, and my mother's advice, decided to get back to artwork-ie clear out the accumulated cobwebs and neurosis and bring to light all that's been gestating the past 30+ years. So here it is. Look forward to sharing a few ideas and images with you! Come over & rap with us:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

At Last, We Find Out What Really Happened At The Hallows

DD Forever

If you are a Harry Potter Fan, this weekend will mark a monumental event! OK, maybe I exaggerate. But at long last we find out what really happened to Our Hero back in 1980, an event that started the whole chain of events that we Fans just can't get enough of. The seventh and final book of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows goes on sale this Saturday, 21 July 2007. After more than a few traumas in the past six years, including the loss of two beloved elders--as far as we know, Harry enters adulthood and begins his quest to find out what really happened when he was a babe in arms, an event that will possibly determine whether he lives or dies.

I've read all six books at least twice, and each time have discovered more and more depth to the story. J K Rowling, the author of the series, is truly a genius. She has tapped into the mythologies of world literature and written a timeless story of fantasy and magic that feels so real we can touch it, but still tells the universal, timeless and all too human story of Coming Of Age and Dealing With The Past. I for one plan to enjoy a refreshing break from the keyboard next week, and run with Harry to his final boyhood adventure. See you there!

Onward & Upward,

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