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Hello, Paula Gaon here, Libra Sun, Cancer Rising, Aquarius Moon. Nice to meet you. I'm one of many aging BabyBoomers scratching my head and wondering where the time went and why I still feel so confused. That planned career never came to fruition, and earning a living is just a necessary chore. A few years ago, after that proverbial mid-life crisis-which I prefer to think of as an extended adolescence, and my mother's advice, decided to get back to artwork-ie clear out the accumulated cobwebs and neurosis and bring to light all that's been gestating the past 30+ years. So here it is. Look forward to sharing a few ideas and images with you! Come over & rap with us:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dance Tonight And Keep On Dancing...

Well, here it is again, another Paul McCartney Birthday Post. This year, I thought for sure I'd give it up--really how much can you write about someone's birthday. But, in true McCartney fashion, make that Sir Paul McCartney, there's continuing renewal. Last year, that long-awaited 64th birthday arrived on a sad note with Paul & Heather's estrangement and pending divorce. But thank goodness, this year seems to be another story as the couple are to have a birthday date.

Happy Birthday, Paul
Keep On Doing What You Do Best,
Many, Many, Happy Returns,
And Of course, A Happy Reunion!

Many Year From Now Is Suddenly Now

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