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"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter,
and those who matter don't mind." -- Dr. Seuss

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Hello, Paula Gaon here, Libra Sun, Cancer Rising, Aquarius Moon. Nice to meet you. I'm one of many aging BabyBoomers scratching my head and wondering where the time went and why I still feel so confused. That planned career never came to fruition, and earning a living is just a necessary chore. A few years ago, after that proverbial mid-life crisis-which I prefer to think of as an extended adolescence, and my mother's advice, decided to get back to artwork-ie clear out the accumulated cobwebs and neurosis and bring to light all that's been gestating the past 30+ years. So here it is. Look forward to sharing a few ideas and images with you! Come over & rap with us:

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


In this age of mega-mass media, information is constantly bombarding us. I sometimes wonder if we remembered more when we were exposed to less.

Recently, I've come across some priceless quotes; even managed to remember them long enough to commit them to writing:

"If you kill all of the predators, the weak will eat us alive."
~Mr. Cosey, character in Toni Morrison's novel, Love do we know who the predators are? Maybe all of them have already been killed.

"You can live with anything if you have what you can't live without."
~Mr Cosey, character in Toni Morrison's novel, Love

Could this really be true? Some things I thought I couldn't live without became quite disposable when a given situation became unbearable.

How does one tell the difference between hard work, diligence, persistence, consistency, and whipping a dead horse.
~This just popped into my head, but I know I've hear it somewhere.

Maybe quitters aren't really quitters--they just know when to go look for a viable horse--better not to hang around too long and get eaten by the weak or the predators.

I know this all ties in somehow; and the connection will hit me later.

'Till then, or something else,